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Contact hello@teamfotog.com for more information on fundraising opportunities with our Walgreens print partnership or to sponsor a team in your zip code.


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Have fun take and individual or team photos ANY TIME !! Share or print at Walgreens and Walmart nationwide.

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Teamfotog is available on iTunes and Google Play. It's free and easy to use!

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Life can get busy with family events, birthdays, recitals, or a sick kid. We’ve all been there, either as parent or coach it’s difficult to get your entire team together on "Picture Day.”  

Teamfotog is a FREE app created by Coach Rodney Van Johnson a proud father of three athletes. With a few simple steps, input your team roster and become a Teamfotog with your smartphone. You own the photos and can share or print as many as you want.  No fuss, no photography copyrights.. just great pictures of your  kid. Share and Enjoy!